Range of services


We handle any and all matters associated with the broadly defined real property law, assisting our Clients at every stage of their activities aimed either at retrieving their property or at investing, from the real property analysis through the finalisation of the transaction.


In particular, our activities cover matters associated with:

  • recovery of expropriated real property to the formers owners who lost their property within the area of the capital city of Warsaw pursuant to the so-called Bierut’s decree;
  • regulation of real property legal status;
  • land reform;
  • industry nationalisation;
  • expropriated real property;
  • compensation for real property lost;
  • recovery of interest collected and non-collected due to bad management;
  • remuneration for non-contractual use of real property;
  • recovery of expenditures;
  • transformation of the perpetual usufruct right into the right of ownership;
  • real property acquisition by prescription;
  • dissolution of real property co-ownership;
  • housing law;
  • housing cooperative law;
  • proceedings associated with land and mortgage registers;
  • law of succession;
  • real property procurement by foreigners.



  • consultancy and legal management services with respect to real property sale, rental and lease processes, inclusive of the management of agricultural real property sale process;
  • development of any and all civil law agreements / contracts;
  • development of legal opinions;
  • representation of a lawsuit at every stage of administrative and court proceedings.