Jan Stachura

Attorney registered with the Regional Bar Association in Warsaw, holding 20 years of experience, well-known and repeatedly recognised by clients in the real property market. For two decades now, he has been successfully handling matters associated with broadly defined property reprivatisation, inclusive of matters associated with the land reform, industry nationalisation and expropriated real property. His long-term practice in the field of reprivatisation, inclusive of his participation in numerous breakthrough cases concluded with precedent-setting court decisions, resulted in his gaining enormous knowledge and experience which are now reflected in the highest quality of services provided as well as in the results of the actions undertaken by our Firm. An attorney with a passion who continues his long-lasting family traditions. His interest in reprivatisation originated at the time of settlement of the legal status of real property purchased before the war by his grandfather, an assistant to a notary public, and his father, an attorney. 

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